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Friday, 10 October 2014

GoAnimate Videos

Hi guys this is a page on GoAnimate

Now you should know what is GoAnimate right if you don't know

Go to google
Type GoAnimate and the first result is the one
Then just sign up
Or log in with your google login(if you have one)

I have some GoAnimate videos that I want to show you


These ones are the ones that I have published online for you guys to see

The Links

Expensive Headphones

Expensive Headphones by DiscoSidd on GoAnimate

War Fighting

You can watch till 1.25 but skip the parts because the character is saying an address 
which is sort of long and continue at the 2.01 minute

War fighting by DiscoSidd on GoAnimate

United Nations

This is my DiscoSidd's copyrighted way of the United Nations I have disabled the comment box for a GOOD AND SUPERB reason
I present to you my video
United Nations by DiscoSidd on GoAnimate

The Ninja Video

This video is copyrighted,the video was taken long back and it was taken in quick video and it may or may not exist anymore
The Ninja video by DiscoSidd on GoAnimate

Election(Siddharth's Way)

This video is about elections (**Siddharth's Way) I have disabled the comments box,otherwise if I keep it on you would write bad comments on my video
Election Siddharth's Way by DiscoSidd on GoAnimate

Happy April Fools Day

This video is about "april fools day" You can only write GOOD comments not BAD comments
Happy April Fools Day by DiscoSidd on GoAnimate

The Master v.s. Dead Meat

This video is a massive battle All details in my go animate page

The Master v.s. Dead Meat by DiscoSidd on GoAnimate

Want more films

If u want to watch more films by me search on GoAnimate for 'DiscoSidd' then you would be able to view my other videos.

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