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Friday, 5 September 2014

City Bus Simulator 2010 New York

Check this trailer!!!!!
City Bus Simulator 2010 New York is a really great game as it has all sorts of features
I know that my post says The Amazing Spiderman

But this post is City Bus Simulator 2010 New York

This is not a downloading page so please be aware about that

DEMO VERSION does not let you go to the city,it ONLY allows you to be in a specific area to do your training to go to the city in the full version.

There is different languages to choose from and you get to customise your own controls if you are not sure or you are not comfortable with the controls which is defaulted when you start the game.

Location In Game:New York
Sequel Game:City Bus Simulator 2010 Regiobus Usedom

This is the only game that works both in Windows & Mac

:Using an application called WineBottler....Running any .exe app on the mac


  1. Downloading & Running any .exe file on Mac
  2. You can't run any softonic .exe files for some reason because of some issue which does not make sense.
  3. Some of the apps make take some time to download
Some of them will just run automatically like City Bus Simulator 2010 New York                
  If you want a website which is downloadable go to the real site.....

In The DEMO:

  • You do some training
  • You get to drive around(if you do not want to do the test):In the specific area
  • Open/Close Doors
  • You will NOT carry the trainer with you,after YOU did your training WITH YOUR TRAINER.
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